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About us

India being 2nd Word Capital of Diabetes , We at Conquer Diabetes take a pledge to win the battle against Diabetes

At present there are 65 Million diabetics in India and by 2035 the number will touch 125 million !!!

We empower our patients by Appropriate Education & Encouragement

Regular evaluation of diabetes and related complications with timely intervention which makes our patient confident about their positive health

Let's unite and make India the World Diabetes Care Capital !

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How to win Battle Against Diabetes ?

Conquer Annual Evaluation Plan

Preventive Health Initiatives

  • Public Awareness Lectures (More than 50 Activities )
  • Diabetes diet exhibition
  • WalkAthon
  • “Diabetes detection camp”
  • “Stop Diabetes Project ” for School Children
  • CMES for (General Practitioner, Gynaecologists, Pediatricians )
  • ॐ Diabetes support group of more than 10,000 diabetic patients
  • “Sweet worriors” Gestational Diabetes support group
  • “Sweet Angels” Juvenile diabetes support group
  • Patient awareness program

Care In Diabetes

What our patients say

To every person I recommended to come here, they had a positive experience .My Sugar is under control now, which results in making me stay happy.

Mr Raja Khopkar

After being detected with Type 1 Diabetes, it was a task to find the right Diabetologist. Many of them would only add on to my family's fear. But on meeting Dr. Dakshata Padhye my family and I personally realised that this is something we need to learn day by day while keeping in touch with her. It has been more than 5 years now that I am with Dr. Dakshata and it’s safe to say that she knows how my sugars act better than myself. Many thanks to her for also getting me on the insulin pump which has helped me control sugars so well. Today we are studying and learning about controlling Diabetes under the guidance Dr. Dakshata Padhye.

Mrs Pragya Bakshi

I am pre-diabetic patient. I have maintained proper sugar details due to following factors
1. Good guidance from Dr Dakshata Padhye
2. I go for a regular 1 hour walk come what may .If it is raining I take a Umbrella but I don’t miss my walks.
No doubt medicines are required but more that my regular walks keep me fit & going

Mrs Rupa Davani

Meet Our Team




Dr. Dakshata Abhijeet Padhye




Manali Saraf/Kadam



Neha Mehta



Aleyamma James

Diabetic Educator Nurse


Janhvi Bharat Pawar

Diabetic Educator Nurse


Hetal Sharma



Madhushri Kulkarni



Anushka Amit Sawant



Sonia Sudhakar

Diabetic Educator Nurse


Kavita Poojari

Fitness Trainer

Contact us

Conquer Diabetes, 12th Floor, Gold Crest, Opp. Manubhai Jewellers, L. T. Road, Borivali (W), Mumbai 400092


+91 75063 81980